Instagram marketing is now a mainstream way of putting your products out there. According to Kissmetrics, Instagram marketing is fast becoming not just a trend. It is one way that you can market your product at almost zero costs. However, most people do social media and Instagram marketing with that notion only to regret.

A good number of Instagram marketers are stuck with insignificant sales leads from the media. The reasons are varied but let’s look at what you can do right on Instagram to succeed.

  1. Have an official account and logo to improve identification and post quality

Customers trust brands. If you insist on taking the glory away from your brand by marketing on your account, you are missing a big opportunity. First, notice that today’s shopper wants to be unique. The shopper knows his or her tastes and knows exactly how to get it. He or she is also aware of more than one supplier. So, you must cut a professional brand that can offer variety and class that the client so desires.

Ensure you have a professional brand logo and a company account. Keep your personal business away from your work. Essentially, you want to make your followers informed on what you offer. Instagram gets millions of posts every day, make your account stand out through a unique logo. In the crowd, your logo will stand out in the posts and the client might give it a second look.

On your account, ensure you have a link to your store or website and a useful bio. Keep everything light. Most social media users only scan through and don’t have time for a bulky paragraph.

Post awesome content. Ensure that your content is properly curated before posting. You may need a professional to help you with that. You can also do it using the available tools.

  1. Strengthen relationships through engagement

There are three broad ways to strengthen relationships: captions, contests and questions, and responses. Have someone ever followed you, commented or even just liked your post on social media and you were all excited? If a brand follows you or simply reposts you, it is an honor. Offer your audience that feel every time you get an opportunity.

Once you make it a habit to engage with your audience, it becomes natural for them to tag you in their awesome posts, which can improve the overall impressions that your brand gets at any time.

Offer catchy captions in every post you make. Notice that though your images maybe awesome, without a caption, they are just that, good images. If you are not a top-drawer captioner, there are cheap captioners out there that you can hire to offer input before posting.

According to Krishen Iyer, creativity and innovation are inherent in a successful brand. Strive to be creative and innovative. Have you ever responded to a post simply because it unconsciously caught you off-guard? The post asked about your favorite team, food, color, or simply asked you to pick from a list. That is what you should strive to achieve with every post. Let people think they are just responding to the post.

  1. Grow your reach and track you progress

You need followers for you to effectively market. Notice that conversion of leads depends on the number of people you can reach through your brand. You can use user-generated content, brand ambassadors or even hashtags to promote your brand.

Remember, hard selling and monotony don’t help. Instead, improve your quality of images and captions. Be believable, use lifestyle shots, share promotions and events, and be human.