Every organization aspires to achieve effective marketing practices and this cannot be successful if the production process does not pass superior products to the market. In a bid to eliminate inefficiencies and errors in production, many companies are embracing automation services that track the development of software. Such services include the qTest management offered by QASymphony, which allows managers to effortlessly centralize and organize their projects to achieve efficiency and performance. If you run a software production unit with many members, you should consider getting this test management add-on that allows you to understand what your teams are up to in every stage of production.

Centralize and organize

Order and organization in the production of software is a factor that cannot be overlooked. To produce useful software, test case repositories can be shared easily between teams to harmonize the development process and to allow for changes to be made before software is published. With test case management software from QASymphony, one is able to come up with schedules that lead to the development of high quality products.

The repositories created can be used in the production of multiple versions of test cases and they give room for reuse of resources, which minimizes time consumption and cost. Additionally, managers can import their test cases from Excel or other tools, which translates to flexibility and convenience that allows them to come up with competitive products that can sell well in the market. This system is useful for both small and established companies that are looking to produce unique and relevant software.

JIRA integration and automation

With the qTest case management system, users can link with other tools like JIRA that allow real-time integration and testing. You don’t need to worry about buying new tools to help you if you already have automation systems like JIRA in place. The test management software is designed to link seamlessly with these platforms. You have the flexibility to come up with your own custom processes to manage your projects and put them into one repository that can be accessed from different interfaces.

Easily manage and track executions

Another way QASymphony is supporting the production of useful software is by giving flexible options that help in the organization of tests as well as giving powerful reporting. The company allows you to track results across various projects without having to engage your teams physically. Using the qTest management tool you can capture a comprehensive test run execution history that allows you to make useful decisions.

This system also generates run-specific configurations. The most important part of the program is that you can schedule test runs to occur at specific times. Other managers use the automatic reporting system that alerts them whenever errors are spotted in the development process. Eliminating errors as production proceeds ensures the software produced is perfect and reliable. Automation gives greater visibility in the production process and encourages the placement of members into different stages of production depending on what they score in the course of producing their products.


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